We’re Recruiting!




If you care about politics and want to do something meaningful, apply for the UoA Public Policy Club executive committee by the 1st of June 2016. Not only will you develop vital life skills and deepen to your political knowledge, your CV will get a helpful boost too.

Check out the exec positions and application process below.

Available positions:

  1. Secretary: The secretary is in charge of the administration of the club. This involves taking minutes at meetings, managing the mailing lists and other club correspondence.
  2. Treasurer: The treasurer manages the finances of the club which involves keeping track of financial documents, carrying out all financial transactions (banking), and evaluating the financial health of the club. Note: Having exceptional finance skills and knowledge is not mandatory for this role.
  3. Social Media Manager: The social media manager will be in charge of updating and maintaining the club’s various online platforms. This includes management of the club Facebook page and official website.
  4. Internship Opportunity Database Manager: This role requires the manager to keep up to date with upcoming internships and other opportunities offered by organisations and institutions related to public policy. This includes district councils, non-profit organisations, government ministries and other policy-related firms.
  5. Faculty Liaison: Those holding this role are in charge of liaising with the various staff faculty members that wish to work with us on particular projects.
  6. Logistics Manager: The logistics manager perform organisational jobs like booking rooms, booking O-week stalls and helping members liaise with the relevant university bodies to ensure their event becomes a success.
  7. Extra-University Liaison: This role requires someone with good communication skills that can act as the face of the club and represent the University when communicating with agencies and political figures outside the University.


If you are interested in any of these roles OR would like to propose your own role, simply email us at uoapublicpolicyclub@gmail.com with a filled out version of the following template:


Year at University in 2016:

Your degree/s:

Your preferred exec role:

Your second preference:

What sparked your interest in the club?:


We look forward to hearing from you!






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