PPC Policy Brief Competition 2016

The PPC Policy Brief Competition

This is your chance to develop your policy brief making skills. Practicing these skills will  help you to read, analyse, and condense large amounts of information. It will also help you present information in an effective and engaging way – a skill you can apply in many different fields of work. There are also a number of awards up for grabs that will look impressive on the CV!


Complete registration before the 7th of August 12 pm.
– Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the lengthy competition document you will use to create your policy brief, which will include instructions on how to submit your work.
– Create a policy brief with a maximum of 4 pages.
– For the purposes of this competition you do not need to reference your work.
– Submit your work according to the instructions in the competition document.

NOTE: For your convenience you are not required to use information and sources beyond the document but you may do so if you need it.

Policy Brief Workshop:

If you don’t know how to write a policy brief or need a reminder, we are hosting a workshop open to all.

This workshop is your LAST opportunity to register for the workshop. Bring your registration fee in cash and register in person at the end of the workshop.

When: Tuesday 9th August 1pm -2pm
Where: I-SPACE (Level 4 Kate Edgar, beyond Strata)
What: The workshop will include a presentation on how to write a policy brief, an overview of the instructions of the competition, and how the judges will mark the briefs. It will also be an opportunity to register for the competition with cash.
Who: The workshop will be led by our co-presidents, Monique Francois and Pooja Upadhyay.

Key Dates:

Registration opens: Monday 1st August 2016

Registration closes: Sunday 7th of August 2016 12 pm

Competition opens: Sunday 7th of August 2016     

Competition closes: Friday 26th August 2016

Prize Giving Event: Wednesday 14th September 2016

Registration fee:

Members: $5
Non-Members: $10

Registration Instructions:


The 9th of August policy brief workshop above is your last opportunity to register for the competition.

To register for the competition online, email us at ppcpolicybriefcomp@gmail.com with the word ‘Registration’ in the subject line.

Include in the email:

  • Your full name
  • A screenshot or digital receipt of your online registration fee payment (we will check if you are a member and that the appropriate fee has been paid)

To register for the competition in person and by cash, attend our policy brief workshop on Tuesday the 9th of August at 1pm in i-space. We will take down your name, note that you have paid with cash, and your email address.

To pay your registration fee online, please transfer the appropriate amount into our online account 06-0158-0912026-00.



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