Mentoring Programme 2017

NOTE: Information on the 2018 programme is coming soon, and will be different in format to last year’s programme.

The Mentoring Programme (MP) sought to replicate mentoring experiences in different faculties and disciplines for students in Politics and International Relations (POIR) at UoA. The Programme brought together students at higher levels in POIR and those new to the Disciplinary Area (DA) or subject with the intention of making the studying experience of the latter easier. Seeking to provide assistance with assessment, faculty engagement, workload expectations, degree planning, the culture at UoA and other advice, the programme was a pedagogical one aiming to help new students while allowing mentors to develop vital interpersonal and professional skills and augment qualifications. The programme is a year-long process: beginning with an initial signup process during the registration period, and was officially launched at a Networking Event.

The Networking Event:

The event was an opportunity for the mentors and mentees to meet, exchange contact information and be informed as to the general premise of the MP itself. Catering was done through St. Pierre’s Sushi, with several platters bought and paid for by PPC. The event began with a short talk to the Mentors, elaborating on their specific duties and responsibilities. Following this, mentors and mentees were encouraged to go off and chat, to exchange contact information. The booklets were made by James, one of the leaders of the Graphics team.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.41.05 PM

This  will be an annual programme held by the Public Policy Club for politics/policy-inclined students and we hope that it facilitates learning and helps build networks for years to come.

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