Mentorship Programme 2019

The PPC Mentorship Programme is targeted at a hand-selected group of students with a curiosity and drive to develop a career in the public sector. Our mentors provide guidance in terms of career advice, and insight into the industry based on their expertise.

Students are connected with a mentor in a field of expertise relevant to their interests. Mentors and student mentees meet 2-3 times during the year and are provided with an outline and topics to discuss to give them a starting point to establish the mentee/mentor relationship.

PROFESSIONALS: Apply to become a Public Policy Career Mentor
STUDENTS: Apply to PPC Mentorship Programme

2019 Program Launch and Networking Event

We will be hosting a networking event as a launch for our Mentorship and Professional Development program. Come along to hear a number of speakers discuss the future of a career in public policy from different perspectives of the policy development sphere. Themes to be discussed include:

    • Organisational and individual roles in policy development;
    • Career journeys within public policy;
    • Future- focused skills and projects in high demand; and
  • Case studies or examples of initiatives put forward by different organisations.

Come along to participate in the discussion and network with the future of public policy.

If you would like to take part, please RSVP HERE.

2019 Wrap Event

PPC will host an end of year event where mentors and students will have the chance to also network with other students and professionals outside of their own mentor group.

Other Opportunities to Partner

If you would like to showcase a public policy related project or discuss your experience in working in this sector at an upcoming event please email us at .

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