The End of Life Choice Bill: An Open Conversation

The UoA Public Policy Club is hosting a balanced and open discussion to cover the various arguments relating to the The End of Life Choice Bill. The event will feature David Seymour, the MP who prepared the bill, and Jane Silloway Smith, director of Every Life.

The bill passed its first reading in December last year, its purpose being to give “people with a terminal illness or a grievous and irremediable medical condition the option of requesting assisted dying.” This event will allow two speakers of differing opinions the opportunity to discuss whether the End of Life Choice Bill is the right thing to do. Each guest will be allocated a set amount of time to speak and respond to their fellow speaker, followed by an open Q&A session. We’ll have questions for the audience, but you can pre-submit your questions here.

Come along to General Library Basement, room B15, for an interesting and engaging night! Or if you can’t make it, the event will be live streamed!

Disclaimer: PPC is a non-partisan group and supports no particular position. PPC reserves the right to remove disruptive audience members in the interests of maintaining a civil and orderly event.

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