Blog | The Dragon and the Kiwi: Where are NZ-China Relations headed?

By Liam Davies As New Zealand’s battle with COVID-19 comes to an end, is an economic battle on the horizon? Comments made by Winston Peters have created quite the fuss with China. How will NZs economy fair as China decides how to respond?  A few ‘wrong’ statements A word that comes to mind when thinkingContinue reading “Blog | The Dragon and the Kiwi: Where are NZ-China Relations headed?”

Blog |Left Behind: The Story of New Zealand’s Gig Workers

By Avinash Govind Left Behind: The Story of New Zealand’s Gig Workers Earlier this year, amid the unveiling of the government’s COVID-19 economic response packages, many individuals in a small but growing section of our workforce were left without the ability to access the wage subsidy scheme. While the government programs were designed to easeContinue reading “Blog |Left Behind: The Story of New Zealand’s Gig Workers”

Blog |Evidence-based Policymaking, A Double-edged Sword?

The potentiality and limitations of the role of evidence on decision-making in policy formulation By Pau Sicat In light of the recent rapid changes happening around the world due to COVID-19, many are arguing that adopting a purely evidence-based policymaking approach is required. That it has become more crucial than ever that evidence and scienceContinue reading “Blog |Evidence-based Policymaking, A Double-edged Sword?”

Blog | The New Health and Wellness Commission

By Callia Drinkwater While the sixth week of lock-down comes to a close and the number of COVID-19 continues to fall, the fight  is far from over. From the economy to domestic violence, the lock-down has touched every aspect of our lives. For the majority of us, the psychological impact of social distancing, falling jobContinue reading “Blog | The New Health and Wellness Commission”

Blog | The COVID-19 Economy: The Crisis and the Government’s Response

By Paul Simperingham COVID-19 has and will continue to have a drastic impact on the New Zealand economy. Global travel has ground to a halt, trade has been reduced, people have lost jobs, and the stock market is extremely volatile. OECD secretary-general Angel Gurria has warned that the economic fallout of this virus will lastContinue reading “Blog | The COVID-19 Economy: The Crisis and the Government’s Response”