Baby Back Benches 2020!

*** Due to the Level 3 Covid restrictions introduced on 12 August, the event will not be taking place on the original planned date of August 17th. Depending on the events over the coming weeks, we will try to reschedule the event before the election takes place ***

For the 5th annual Baby Back Benches event, PPC’s youth wing debate is back and better than ever before! New faces, a new Shads venue, and a great collaborative effort between PPC and the Arts Students’ Organisation! To top it all off, this election-year debate will be hosted by none other than Jack Tame! Join us at the brand new Shadows Bar to see all of the parliamentary youth wings (plus some of their extra-parliamentary friends) engage in a fun, light-hearted debate on the issues that matter to you and your peers in this upcoming election – all while enjoying a Shads jug! 😎🍻 You could also be in to win a cash prize in our Kahoot quiz during the break!

As part of Baby Back Benches this year, the Content Team have put together some awesome interviews with the six Youth Representatives, check them out!