Policy Brief Competition 2017

The PPC Policy Brief Competition

Want to develop your policy brief making skills? Learning these skills will help you to read, analyse, and condense large amounts of information and present it in an effective and engaging way – a skill you can apply in many different fields of work. There are also a number of awards up for grabs that will look impressive on the CV! This year’s competition will be on cannabis regulation in New Zealand. Check out our Facebook page for more updates on the competition.Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 4.21.29 PM.png

Competition Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1809002212760097/

To register for the competition, follow the link:

Registration closes on the 20th of April.

Registration fee:
PPC Members: FREE
Non-Members: $5

Once registration closes, you’ll be sent documents from various sources, which you will be required to condense into an engaging and informative policy brief.

Policy Brief and MADE Workshop Series:
If you don’t know how to write a policy brief or need a reminder, we are hosting two workshops open to all. There will be more information on each workshop to come.

Workshop 1:
When: Tuesday 10th April 6pm
Where: 260-325 (OGGB)
What: The workshop will include a presentation on how to write a policy brief, an overview of the instructions of the competition, and how the judges will mark the briefs. It will also be an opportunity to register for the competition with cash.
Who: The workshop will be led by our Competitions team leaders and Making a Difference in Economics
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/191160554724148/

Workshop 2:
Tuesday 2nd May, 6 pm 
206-202 Arts 1 University of Auckland 
The workshop will include a more in-depth presentation on how to write a policy brief, an overview of the specific instructions of the competition, how the judges will mark the briefs and will provide an opportunity for attendees to obtain feedback and guidance on their work from a post-graduate student. 
The workshop will be led by our Competitions team leaders and Monique Francois, an experienced postgraduate student.  
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/191160554724148/

Key Dates:

Registration opens: 10th April

Registration closes: 20th April

Policy briefs due: 8th May

Prize Giving Event: TBC


1st Place: $100 voucher and an opportunity to spend a half day working with the Director and Knowledge Translation Specialists at the University of Auckland Public Policy Institute, sourcing and editing policy briefs and blog posts. More information on the Institute can be found here.

Commendations Awards:
Commendations awards winners will receive a certificate of achievement and vouchers.
– Commendations for  Creativity
– Commendations for Effective use of Graphics
– Commendations for Superior use of Language


The University of Auckland Public Policy Club is excited to host our annual ‘BABY BACK BENCHES’!

We will be hosting our 2017 Back Benches before the general election. Check out our Facebook page to stay up to date.

This event emulates the Back Benches concept you can check out here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCBc_Da4HGc


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The 2016 Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1575598922747902/

The night will involve DRINKS, DEBATE, and a whole lot of DRAMA.

The debate panel is made up of one representative from the following:
– Young Nats
– Young Labour
– Young New Zealand First
– Young Greens
– ACT supporter

guy williams A3 poster.pngOur celebrity host is Guy Williams

This event also serves as our AGM which will begin at 6.45 and end at 7pm.

** Key Info **

Arrive from 6pm and enjoy a brew with friends or come and have a yarn with PPC’s welcoming and friendly exec!

The event will start with a short 15min run down of PPC’s events over the last semester (as an AGM), and then we will move onto the main event.

The Back Benches panel begins at 7 pm.

There will be opportunity for you to ask any questions you have for the representatives and you may be able to send us in some questions beforehand – more info to come.

The event willl end at 9 pm but Shadows stays open till late!

Reasons to come (as if you need more convincing):
– support your fav party
– judge the opposition
– learn about some policy
– watch your baby politicans argue
– ask annoying questions
– will be better than reality tv
– swoon over our celebrity mediator
– better than doing readings

Reasons not to come:


Applications for the PPC 2017 Exec

As the year is coming to an end, we are ready to recruit executive committee members for 2017. Being a part of the exec is a fantastic opportunity to get involved on campus, improve your CV, learn vital leadership and teamwork skills, and contribute to politics without aligning yourself with a political party.

To apply for a position our executive team for 2017, register below before the 7th of October.



Exec 2017 Information:

Next year, our exec will be made up of:
– Two Co-Presidents (positions filled)
– A secretary (position filled)
– A treasurer
– Team leaders (1 or 2 leaders per team)

The exec will be made up of six different teams. Team size will depend on the number of applicants for a PPC delegate position next year. Team leaders liaise with the Co-Presidents, and then delegate tasks to the team delegates. Leaders will guide the delegates  and ensure the work is completed to a high standard. Team leaders will also work together internally.

Applications to be a PPC team delegate open next year. This application is only for team leader and treasurer positions.


Professional Development: This team will focus on career building. This includes scouting opportunities and hosting workshops to help people obtain certain skills (e.g. policy brief drafting). This team will also be in charge of organising networking events and our 2017 mentoring programme.

Civic Engagement: Involves creating a short programme to present to year 13 cohorts in high schools around Auckland that teach students about the voting system and party politics in New Zealand. The civics team will also look at other opportunities within the university to teach people about voting, which will be of great importance in an election year like 2017.

Graphics: This team is in charge of helping all the other teams make their content/events look great. Graphics jobs cover posters, workshop info templates, Facebook graphics, PEEP info graphics etc. It executes the ideas/posters formulated by the Soma team.

Social/Marketing (Soma): This team involves thinking about how to best sell PPC and its events/content. The marketing soma leader is a job that requires creativity, vision, and a clear understanding of the club. The social limb involves organising social events like pub quizzes, BYOs and even election parties. The social soma leader in this team in charge of the social events needs to be accessible and friendly. Although each team leader has a relatively distinct job, each leader will help their soma partner if need be.

Competitions: This team will organise our formal club competitions. As a minimum, this involves hosting our policy brief competition and our Regulatory Impact Statement case competition. It may also involve thinking about what future competitions we can host. The team leader needs to be a logistics master and a detailed planner.

This team involves producing regular information on topical policy and condensing it in a short and clear way so that non-politics students understand. This team may look at publishing more in depth publications in the future. The leader ensures that proper English is used, information is presented clearly & simply, and that there is no plagiarism/inaccurate info.


For any concerns about the role, or further questions, do not hesitate to email us at uoapublicpolicyclub@gmail.com.


Blog: Milo with the Mayors








This post covers covers the discussion that occurred at the University of Auckland Milo with the Mayors event on Wednesday the 17th of August. The proportion of speaking time allocated to each candidate, and the questions asked were completely out of the Public Policy Club’s control and none of the views or frames expressed during the event reflect the club in any way.

For more information on each of the candidates, see below for campaign websites:

Chlöe Swarbrick: www.chloeforauckland.co.nz/
David Hay: http://www.heydavidhay.nz/
John Palino: http://www.palinoformayor.co.nz/
Mark Thomas: http://mark-thomas.co.nz/
Penny Bright: http://www.pennybright4mayor.org.nz/
Phil Goff: www.forabetterauckland.org.nz/
Vic Crone: https://vic4mayor.nz/

Stay tuned for more posts on each candidate and what they have to offer.