Executive 2018




Luke is in his fourth year of a Law and Arts degree, with majors in English and Politics & International Relations. He’s always had a deep interest in the operation of government and how we as a society engage in the democratic process. In his spare time, he enjoys running, perusing local art galleries, and eating French food.






Jillin is a fourth year Law and Commerce student and is excited to lead PPC this year. She believes engagement and inclusion of diverse perspectives in the policy making process leads to better outcomes. Aside from public policy, she is interested in business strategy and the financial markets.







Veronica is a fifth year Law & Geography student. She initially started studying law with the belief that working as a lawyer was her only option. She has since discovered it opens up a gateway to a whole world of career paths including in public policy. After working in public policy over the summer, she is excited to see the opportunities PPC can give members for developing their professional skills.







Reuben is a third year law and commerce student majoring in economics. For Reuben, we’re in a particularly unique time in politics and he wants to make sure everyone is equipped to take part in this dialogue.



Sponsorship Manager



Ramali is in her final year of a BA/LLB majoring in Politics and Criminology. She joined PPC because she thinks it’s increasingly important we find that sense of community in talking about politics and policy; in showcasing passion, creativity and collaboration. She’s glad for the opportunity to do something that aligns so clearly with her values, and is really proud of the impact of PPC so far. In 2018, this impact can only get better.








James is a fourth year Law and Commerce student, majoring in International Business and Infosys. In his spare time, he illustrates and prints t-shirt graphics. He feels PPC is one of the best ways students can engage with politics, and he’d encourage anyone interested in the club to get amongst it.








Janna is a fourth-year Law, Politics, and Philosophy student with a passion for social justice and equality. This is her second year on the PPC team and she’s excited to bring about more opportunities for students of all backgrounds to engage with politics.






Zach is a second year Commerce and Science student, majoring in Economics, Finances, Maths and Stats. His involvement with PPC steams from a desire get involved with and contribute to the policy environment within New Zealand.





Professional Development




Ashley is a fourth year law and commerce student. She is super excited to be a part of the exec team this year and organising events for anyone wanting to pursue a career in the public sector.







Tina is a fourth-year Law and Arts student, majoring in Politics and History. Tina believes that political engagement among young people is vital in today’s turbulent political climate and is looking forward to helping create career development opportunities.






Civic Engagement



Sophie is a third year Law and Arts student, majoring in Politics and Philosophy. She thinks education and engagement in civics and politics are extremely important to develop a critical public. She wants to provide an open platform for high school and university students to explore their role in their community.





Cameron is a third year Finance and Economics student and is passionate about making a positive impact on society. Public policy decisions play an important role in shaping our small country and he loves examining the effects of these decisions. He’s excited to expand on the Civics Engagement Programme and engage more youth in the conversation.







 Harshaa is a third year Laws and Arts student majoring (hopefully) in Politics and Japanese. She’s interested particularly by foreign policy, refugee law and ethnic history effecting conflict. She believes engagement with policy is always a good thing as it’s furthers knowledge of the ways in which our country operates. Tied to this is the wish to see public policy become more accessible and easier to understand, without over-simplification.





Lewis is a fourth year Law, Politics and Economics student. Apart from PPC, he has worked on the Auckland University Law Review team. Returning in 2018, he hopes to make the PPC content team even better this year.





Social and Marketing




Rachel is a fourth year Law and History student, and was born and raised in small-town South Island. When she moved to Auckland for university, she was amazed at the depth and breadth of conversations taking place on campus. She’s excited to be part of PPC this year, because she believes it helps foster an inclusive political dialogue amongst students.






Kim is a third year law student, also completing a Diploma in Languages (focusing on Chinese). She is excited to be working with the PPC team and aims to facilitate the discussion of important public policy issues in New Zealand in a fun and interesting way. She believes in the importance of raising awareness of the impact public policy can have on us as a society.