Meet the PPC Executive for 2019!




I’m a fourth-year Law and Arts student, majoring in Politics and Philosophy. Arguing about politics with anyone and everyone is my favourite pastime. I’m stoked to be leading such a fantastic exec alongside Harshaa this year. I can’t wait to get stuck in and increase youth engagement in politics.




I’m a fourth-year BA/LLB student majoring in Politics, also studying a CertLang in Japanese. Through uni I’ve discovered a passion for foreign policy and refugee law, as well as social justice. I believe engagement with policy is always a good thing, because it fosters knowledge of how our country operates. I also believe public policy should be more accessible and easier to understand, without over-simplification. Any time spent hiking, on a beach, or playing the harmonium is good time.





I’m a fourth-year student starting my postgraduate in Environmental Management. I joined PPC because youth engagement in politics is important to me and I wanted to help strengthen youth voice in politics, as I believe it plays a crucial part in creating long-term institutional changes. Aside from this, I enjoy photography, working out, and having a yarn about Auckland’s public transport.





I’m a second-year Law and Arts student majoring in History and Politics & International relations. I’ve been interested in policy for a majority of my life and want to one day help in crafting policy to help people and make their lives better. The work I do with the Public Policy Club is very important to me because I believe that policy education and appreciation is imperative for a prosperous future.





I am a fourth year Law/Arts student, majoring in Politics and Economics. I have a particular interest in justice and health-related policy.  I’m very excited to help run events that are informative and topical with the PPC this year and get more uni students engaged with policy-making.





I‘m a fourth-year Mechatronics student. I’ve always had a keen interest in current affairs and foreign policy. In my role as events team co-leader, I am looking to get more involved in local policy and help the wider student community stay informed on important issues.








Fifth-year law and commerce student. I’m excited to be part of the PPC team and promote student engagement with public policy via competitions.






I am on my last semester of a BA in Politics & International Relations and Criminology. Having a strong involvement in social causes from a young age, I am fascinated about the workings of politics and a local and international level. I enjoy travelling, learning new languages and meeting new people.




ruth.PNGI’m a Canadian international student in the first year of my MA in Applied Linguistics, focusing on implications of language barriers within the context of policy development in multilingual societies. As a social policy researcher, I have a keen interest in public engagement and consultations. I’m excited to use my skills to help better engage uni students in policy development and connect them with careers in the field. In my (somewhat limited) spare time I love to sail, hike and compete in kettlebell sport.



Heya! I’m Tanuvi, and I’m in my third year of Law and Arts, majoring in Politics and Criminology. My passion for civic engagement brought me to PPC this year; I believe that it’s critical to facilitate a platform for young people to engage in meaningful dialogues about public policy issues. When I’m not raving about strengthening our democratic society, you can find me debating about who the best NBA team/player is or scouring independent bookstores for a solid read.





I’m in my final year of a BA majoring in Communication and Politics. I’ve been a passionate follower of politics ever since watching the 2005 general election as a kid. Since then, I’ve been a strong advocate for a more through civic education programme in our schools, and I’m excited to expand on the High School’s programme and to give youth a platform for their voices to be heard.




I’m Arts student majoring in Politics and Employment Relation. I believe that promoting political involvement amongst young people is essential to strengthen their voice in society which would eventually encourage contributions of young people in forming a better society. I’m excited to work with young people and exec team this year.  






Hi, I’m Nancy and I’m in the fourth year of my Arts and Law conjoint. I am a strong advocate for creating opportunities for people to have access to political knowledge as I believe co-production is essential to creating sustainable and intergenerational public policy. I envision a future where people of all ages and backgrounds are actively involved, valued and supported in political decision-making. I love politics, bad puns and good coffee.




I’m currently in my third year of a Law and Arts degree, double majoring in Economics and Politics. My key political interests include international relations, economic policy, and electoral issues. Having previously served as a content writer for PPC, I’m very excited to now be a co-leader of this fantastic team, and I hope to expand its activities and reach throughout 2019!






I’m a fourth-year law and commerce student. I’m excited to get on board with PPC this year and aim to help facilitate discussion on various political and public issues around the globe. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and listening to music. I believe that “there are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking”.