Opinion | The Green Party’s Rent Control Policy

By Aamy Roshan One of the greatest issues facing tertiary students is the ever increasing cost of living.​​ Stats New Zealand found that a quarter of renters spent 40 percent of disposable income on housing. In 2022, Auckland rent prices increased by 3 percent annually. To address this issue, the Green Party has introduced a […]

Retrospective: 40 Years Since Airline Deregulation | by Eden Li

Privatisation of the domestic airline scene has undoubtedly been financially lucrative for New Zealand’s two biggest players. In late August 2023, Air New Zealand announced a net profit of $213M (RNZ, 2023). Although finances are yet to be released for Jetstar’s domestic New Zealand operations, indications suggest that 2023 has also been a lucrative year […]

PPC Auckland Central Electorate Debate 2023

auckland central electorate debate 2023

Transcribed and edited by Nancy Guo Opening Damien Venuto: “My name’s Damien Venuto and I’m the host of New Zealand Herald’s Front Page podcast. When I first moved to New Zealand about a decade ago, I distinctly remember an ad campaign that spoke about making this country the most liveable place in the world. At […]

Opinion | Law and Order – Policy vs Reality

By Yvette Brennan ‘Tough on crime’ rhetoric is common among journalists, politicians and Facebook posts. With the increasing media coverage on “ram-raids” and guns, law and order has resurfaced as the controversial dinner table topic, but what does being tough-on-crime actually mean?  The phrase itself can be translated quite simply; longer sentences and harsher punishments […]

Co-governance: Friend or Foe?

By Eden Li Co-governance: Friend or Foe? The recent focus on strengthening co-governance within Crown policy has been received with both confusion, and even outrage in some quarters. But what does co-governance actually entail? Will this contentious form of policy work in practice? One of the biggest questions in public policy has become whether government […]

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: A Storied History

By Kaisheng Wu Among economists, carbon pricing mechanisms have often been touted as a singularly effective policy response to climate change. As such, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) has been prioritised as the country’s key tool in meeting climate targets. Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, recently stated in April of this year that […]

Opinion | Dawn Raids 2.0: The Need for Overstayer Amnesty Schemes

By Aamy Roshan After our tumultuous history with the Dawn Raids era, overstayer amnesty has remained a sensitive topic. The Dawn Raids are what Dr Anae calls “the most blatantly racist attack on Pacific peoples by the New Zealand government in New Zealand’s history.” 1 It was a period in the 1970s that saw Pacific […]

‘Teaching the Basics Brilliantly’ – What is in National’s new education policy? 

By Sophie Steel With a promise to increase New Zealand’s literacy rates and classroom attendance whilst also scrapping teacher registration fees, the National Party’s new education policy has raised eyebrows nationwide.  The New Curriculum – ‘Teaching the Basics Brilliantly’ In a day of iPad kids and merged classrooms, the National Party have argued that the […]

Blog | Meet Your Mayor: Efeso Collins

Interview by Emilie Baldauf and Genna Hawkins Kia ora and welcome to the third and final instalment of Meet the Mayor. Voting for your local elections are now open and Public Policy Club is excited to introduce you to another leading mayoral candidates; finding out more about their policies and what they can do for you as […]