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We are a non-partisan club with two aims:

Access to Policy and Member Development.

Host social and education events
Hold competitions with monetary prizes
Run Professional Development workshops and programmes
Provide high schools with workshops and educational materials


Understanding ACT’s Proposed Gun Policy

By Isabella Ranum ACT has recently made headlines after releasing its proposal for a new gun policy if they come into government and what consequences this will have.[1] The ACT party believes the Arms Legislation Act 2020 and Arms Amendment Act 2019 have ‘done nothing to keep people safe and prevent another tragedy’ (referring to…

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: A Storied History

By Kaisheng Wu Among economists, carbon pricing mechanisms have often been touted as a singularly effective policy response to climate change. As such, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) has been prioritised as the country’s key tool in meeting climate targets. Climate Change Minister, James Shaw, recently stated in April of this year that…


The University of Auckland, Clubs Awards: Winner of the Best Academic Club of the Year Award 2021

The University of Auckland, Clubs Awards: Winner of the Best in Arts Award 2020

The University of Auckland, Clubs Awards: Runner-Up – General Club of the Year 2018

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