Membership Benefits

  • Regular Newsletter containing
    • Recent PPC Articles
    • Upcoming Policy Intern and Grad Opportunities
    • Upcoming Events + More
  • Free entry to social events like the Pub Quiz
  • Free entry into our Competitions
  • Professional Development Programmes (Member only applications, free)
    • Mock Interviews (With Policy Professionals)
    • Mentorship Programme (With Policy Professionals)
  • Professional Development Workshops
    • CV, Linkedin + more
  • Networking Events (Members only)
  • Knowing you support our High Schools and Tertiary civics education initiatives

Membership Free

  • Annually, $10

Membership Periods

  • Jan 2022 – Nov 2022:
    • Gets you membership until December 2022

Payment Options

Bank Transfer
  • Transfer the $10 membership fee into our account with your name in the reference box
  • Email us evidence of payment (digital receipt or screenshot attached) – include your name and student ID.
  • Lastly, complete this Sign-Up Form

Account number: 06-0158-0912026-00

Account name: The UOA Public Policy Club

Email address:


You can pay the membership fee in cash if you sign up at an in-person event or at Clubs Expo in the first week of semester two.

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