Understanding the Public Sector Wage Freeze

By Cole Reyno On 4 May, the Labour Government announced a three-year extension to the public sector pay freeze. This freezes the wages of public sector workers earning over $100,000 per year, and most earning over $60,000 per year except in “exceptional circumstances”.[1] This policy will largely impact those workers described as Labour’s traditional voterContinue reading “Understanding the Public Sector Wage Freeze”

Shift in Foreign Policy: New Zealand, Five Eyes, China and the Uyghur:

By Sara Khatau New Zealand, though a small country, has gained a big reputation for being a moral superpower. In the aftermath of the March 15th terror attacks, the world celebrated New Zealand’s strong rejection of Islamophobia. New Zealand recently signalled a desire to assert its brand of value-based politics at the Christchurch call. However,Continue reading “Shift in Foreign Policy: New Zealand, Five Eyes, China and the Uyghur:”

Blog | Experts on Housing Policy Reform

On March 23rd the Government announced a package of policies designed to improve housing affordability and slow down the rapidly increasing price of property. We’re here to break that down and see what the experts think. What is the government actually trying to accomplish? We need to firstly define what the government sees as theContinue reading “Blog | Experts on Housing Policy Reform”


APPLY TO BE A DELEGATE HERE The Public Policy Club has some amazing initiatives planned for 2021, and we’d love to give our wonderful members the opportunity to be involved! There are THREE distinct roles that you can apply for: a High Schools Coordinator, a Content Creator, or a Competitions/Event Coordinator High Schools Coordinator Tertiary CoordinatorContinue reading “DELEGATE APPLICATIONS FOR 2021 ARE NOW OPEN!!”