Application for 2018 Co-President Positions

Application for 2018 Co-President Positions

We are looking for two Co-Presidents to lead the PPC team in 2018.

The process of application is as follows:

  1. Administer your interest  here.  Applications close on the 6th of October at 11 am.  
  2. You will need to attend a meeting with the incumbent Co-Presidents to discuss the role. This is a quick, informal chat to help you assess what the role entails in more detail. This part of the process is to help you.
  3. You will then officially nominate yourself before OR at our annual general meeting. At this meeting you will be required to present a short pitch of yourself to PPC members. The attendees will then vote for the 2018 Co-Presidents. Pursuant to a plurality voting system the top two candidates with the highest number votes will be elected. If you would like to nominate yourself before the AGM please email


Date: 19th October
Time: 6pm
Location: I-space (Level 4 of Kate Edgar Building, 315-491)
To attend the AGM, please RSVP to this event by emailing before 5 pm on Friday 13 October.

For any questions, please email with the subject line “Co-President Question”.


This role will involve leading a team of executive team leaders and a wider team of PPC delegates. This will be a one year term. 2018 is an exciting year for the Club. Beyond general growth, we will be watching the new government’s policy developments. We will have a specific focus on professional development, competitions, and securing meaningful sponsorship agreements. This will provide Co-Presidents with exposure to businesses, firms, and government Ministries. We will also be looking to host events commemorating the 125 year anniversary of the Women’s Suffragette movement in New Zealand which will be an exciting time to lead the Club. Serving as Co-President of the Club is an extremely rewarding experience. Since we are still growing, there is ample opportunity to make your mark on the Club. We highly encourage you to apply no matter  your prior involvement with the Club.

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