2019 Delegate Applications Open

2019 Delegate Applications Open

The Public Policy Club is looking for dedicated students to join the club as general delegates, content writers or to be a part of our High School Civics team. You will be working alongside various teams and members of the executive committee. We welcome applications from all faculties and year levels. The following positions in dark purple are available:

delegate applications


This year, we have TWO delegate categories.

  1. Team specific delegates (indicated by the smaller dark purple boxes). You’ll be working with one team throughout the year based on specific skills required in that position (see below for more details on these different teams).

These teams include:

  • Content Team writers
  • High School civics team
  1. General pool of delegates – (indicated by the long purple box). You, along with the rest of your delegates, can choose to be a part of a certain event, competition or other PPC experience (see below for more information). As such, you get to be involved with a variety of roles within PPC and contribute to a number of our projects. You will be working with the following teams over the year:
  • Collaboration Team
  • Events Team
  • Tertiary Team 
  • Other Admin/Marketing jobs


Specific Team Delegates

Content Writers

Positions available: 6-10

The content team will write engaging and thought-provoking articles for the PPC content website and Facebook page. This may also organise crowdsourcing content from other university groups. The team will also be involved in the process of creating and contributing to a PPC newsletter.


High Schools Civics Team

Positions available: 6

The civics engagement team will be delivering educational and interactive voting workshops in low-decile high schools. We’re aiming to improve youth engagement with politics, and are looking for people with a passion for educating others!

General Pool of Delegates

Total positions available: 10

We’re looking for general delegates who will be rotating and working with different teams through the year. If you’re organised, friendly, and able to work well in a team, we want you!

Below is a description of the three teams you’ll be rotating through over the year.

Collaboration Team

The Collaboration Team organises and delivers our competitions. We have two competitions this year, one in each semester. Our first competition in semester 1 is a Policy Brief Competition, with semester 2 yet to be confirmed.

Your role will be to assist our Collab Leaders by:

  • Researching interesting and topical events to set the issue for the competitions
  • Developing/printing materials as needed
  • Processing competition entries


Events Team

The Events Team is organising a variety of PPC events over the year. Our first event of the year is a drug policy debate with politicians and lecturers, aiming to form an informed view of the subject for our audience. In semester 2, we’re hosting our annual Baby Backbenches event with New Zealand’s youth political parties. We also aim to collaborate with other clubs to provide rounded and interesting policy discussion throughout the year. There is scope for further events using your ideas!

Your role will be to assist our Events Leaders by:

  • Getting in touch with potential speakers and MCs
  • Helping organise room/venue booking
  • Organising necessary material, such as printing
  • Organising catering, prizes and audience engagement
  • Liaising with other stakeholders, such as other uni clubs


Tertiary Team

The Tertiary Team will organise a mentoring programme to connect students with public sector professionals, speaker events and other career development initiatives. It also hosts fortnightly forums about different topical policy issues, open to all members.

Your role will be to assist our Tertiary Leaders by:

  • Researching for our fortnightly Political Forums
  • Presenting and facilitating the Forums
  • Forming relationships and contacts for the Mentorship Programme
  • Organising a Launch event and Closing event for the Mentorship programme




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