Apply to be in the Public Policy Club Exec for 2021!

Apply to be in the Public Policy Club Exec for 2021!

The Public Policy is opening Executive Committee positions for 2021! We are looking for passionate and self-led students to be a part of our team. In this role, you can work with other PPC team members to create content, competitions or events that increase youth engagement with public policy. You should be able to take the initiative to manage your team and your relevant projects, as well as collaborate with other teams. It’s important that you understand your commitments beforehand and can attend regular team and committee meetings.

Every role will have delegates available to support them. We’re open to discussing new ideas and ways of doing things that can be implemented in your team and throughout the executive. We want to continue to build on the successes of this young club and take our recognition and engagement further. If you want to be a part of a change-making club, apply now!

If you are applying for Content Leader or Graphics Leader, make sure to email your portfolio through our email at



Our three committees will be Development, Engagement and Administrative.


This team is made up of 7 leads

  • x2 Tertiary leads
  • x2 Professional Development leads
  • x2 High School leads
  • X2 Competition leads

Tertiary Development Leaders x2

This team will focus on developing UoA students’ knowledge of policy and political theory, as well as connecting them with employers in the public sector. The leaders will oversee the fortnightly forums, and find innovative ways to engage students in relevant public policy discussions.

Professional Development Leaders x2

The Professional Development leads will spearhead the Professional development Programme (or public sector mentoring). This team can also create further opportunities for students to develop relevant public sector skills (for example, through mentoring programmes, workshops, or other networking events).

High School Development Leaders x2

The purpose of this team is to extend our Civics Engagement Programme throughout Auckland. This Programme aims to embed civics education in high schools and includes directing and running workshops about voting and the NZ political system. The team will be working with a solid foundation to expand our reach. Ideally, applicants will have experience teaching/working with youth, a strong foundational knowledge of the NZ political system and are confident public speakers.

Competition Leaders x2

This team will organise our formal club competitions. This involves hosting such as the Policy Brief Competition and Case Competition. It may also involve thinking about what other collaborative work we can organise. The team leader needs to be a logistics master and a detailed planner.


 This team is made up of 4 leads

  • Content lead x2
  • Graphics lead
  • Marketing lead

Content Leaders x2

A content leader’s main role has traditionally been to edit and publish the articles created by the team of PPC writers (writer applications open at the start of Semester One in March). Together, the team produces regular articles on policy issues in a clear and condensed way such that it is easily understood by non-politically engaged readers. In 2019, the team also introduced a bi-weekly Newsletter called Policy Hive that included smaller analysis of current policy issues and PPC events. In 2020, we would aim to have this Newsletter published regularly from the start of the year. There is also scope in 2020 to introduce a series of articles covering the 2020 general election – similar to our past coverage of the 2017 campaign, as well as the 2019 local elections.

Marketing Leader x1

This role involves thinking about how to spread the word about PPC and its events/content. The role requires creativity, vision, and a clear understanding of the club. The marketing lead will primarily manage our social media but there is scope to increase PPC’s marketing presence by expanding to other marketing initiatives.

Graphics Leader x1

This team is in charge of helping all the other teams make their content/events look great. Graphics jobs cover posters, workshop info templates, Facebook graphics, the PPC website, infographics etc. Work is based on design briefs prepared by the organisers/exec members. This year, we anticipate that the Graphics Leader can work more closely with the event organisers to create the material by being involved throughout the process. The Graphics Leader will continue to be a crucial part of the design for the PPC Newsletter, Policy Hive. There’s definitely scope to put your own spin on the layout and design for our Newsletter.


This team is made up of 2 individuals who will work with both the development and the engagement committee

  • Treasurer/Sponsorship lead
  • Secretary/Sponsorship lead

Secretary/Sponsorship x1

The secretary is responsible for overseeing the administration of the club. This involves booking rooms for executive meetings and taking accurate meeting minutes. It also involves the chairing of the end of year Annual General Meeting (AGM) and having sound knowledge of the Public Policy Club Constitution. An ideal Secretary will be organised, have initiative, and ensure the Co-Presidents aren’t too bogged down with admin throughout the year. Much like in 2019, the Secretary will share the role of Sponsorship Manager with the Treasurer in 2020. Both Leaders will manage the club’s sponsors and external relations along with the Co-Presidents. The role will require you to be confident and proactive.

Treasurer/Sponsorship x1

The treasurer is responsible for monitoring and recording the cash flows of the club between members, the executive committee and external parties. The treasurer collates all transactions into financial reports in an accurate and transparent manner and assists the Co-Presidents in budgeting decisions. Study in finance or accounting would be an advantage, and the successful applicant will have at least basic financial literacy. Much like 2019, the Treasurer will share the role of Sponsorship Manager with the Secretary. Both Leaders will manage the club’s sponsors and external relations along with the Co-Presidents. The role will require you to be confident and proactive.


For any concerns about the application, or any further questions, do not hesitate to email us at

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