Applications for the PPC 2017 Exec

Applications for the PPC 2017 Exec

As the year is coming to an end, we are ready to recruit executive committee members for 2017. Being a part of the exec is a fantastic opportunity to get involved on campus, improve your CV, learn vital leadership and teamwork skills, and contribute to politics without aligning yourself with a political party.

To apply for a position our executive team for 2017, register below before the 7th of October.



Exec 2017 Information:

Next year, our exec will be made up of:
– Two Co-Presidents (positions filled)
– A secretary (position filled)
– A treasurer
– Team leaders (1 or 2 leaders per team)

The exec will be made up of six different teams. Team size will depend on the number of applicants for a PPC delegate position next year. Team leaders liaise with the Co-Presidents, and then delegate tasks to the team delegates. Leaders will guide the delegates  and ensure the work is completed to a high standard. Team leaders will also work together internally.

Applications to be a PPC team delegate open next year. This application is only for team leader and treasurer positions.


Professional Development: This team will focus on career building. This includes scouting opportunities and hosting workshops to help people obtain certain skills (e.g. policy brief drafting). This team will also be in charge of organising networking events and our 2017 mentoring programme.

Civic Engagement: Involves creating a short programme to present to year 13 cohorts in high schools around Auckland that teach students about the voting system and party politics in New Zealand. The civics team will also look at other opportunities within the university to teach people about voting, which will be of great importance in an election year like 2017.

Graphics: This team is in charge of helping all the other teams make their content/events look great. Graphics jobs cover posters, workshop info templates, Facebook graphics, PEEP info graphics etc. It executes the ideas/posters formulated by the Soma team.

Social/Marketing (Soma): This team involves thinking about how to best sell PPC and its events/content. The marketing soma leader is a job that requires creativity, vision, and a clear understanding of the club. The social limb involves organising social events like pub quizzes, BYOs and even election parties. The social soma leader in this team in charge of the social events needs to be accessible and friendly. Although each team leader has a relatively distinct job, each leader will help their soma partner if need be.

Competitions: This team will organise our formal club competitions. As a minimum, this involves hosting our policy brief competition and our Regulatory Impact Statement case competition. It may also involve thinking about what future competitions we can host. The team leader needs to be a logistics master and a detailed planner.

This team involves producing regular information on topical policy and condensing it in a short and clear way so that non-politics students understand. This team may look at publishing more in depth publications in the future. The leader ensures that proper English is used, information is presented clearly & simply, and that there is no plagiarism/inaccurate info.


For any concerns about the role, or further questions, do not hesitate to email us at


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