The Public Policy Club has some amazing initiatives planned for 2021, and we’d love to give our wonderful members the opportunity to be involved! There are THREE distinct roles that you can apply for: a High Schools Coordinator, a Content Creator, or a Competitions/Event Coordinator

High Schools Coordinator

Tertiary Coordinator

Our tertiary team delivers our monthly Political Forum that features a topical and interesting political issue. The Political Forum is a space for people to have open and informed dialogue about different policy issues. This programme will be overseen by amazing Tertiary Leads, Phoebe Cettina and Rory Wilkinson! Check out our exec profiles here to see a little bit about them. As a Tertiary Coordinator, you will work closely with the tertiary leads in producing the political forums. You will contribute to topic ideas, research, and the delivery of the discussions! Check out the poster below to see what you could be contributing to:

High Schools Coordinator

The high schools team will be delivering educational and interactive civics workshops primarily in low-decile high schools. This programme will be overseen by our awesome High Schools Leads, Nandini Singh and Tarik Hodzic! Check out our exec profiles here to see a glimpse of the Co-Leads you may be working alongside! We’re aiming to improve youth engagement with politics, and are looking for people with a passion for educating others and working alongside other youth.

Content Creator

The content team will create engaging and thought-provoking articles and media for the PPC content website and Facebook page. This may also organise crowdsourcing content from other university groups. We have some exciting initiatives lined up – such as collaborations and a potential podcast, so if this sounds like something you want to be a part of, the content team is for you! You will be led by this year’s two fantastic Content Leads, Paul Simperingham and Nick Howell – check out the exec profiles here to see a bit about them!

Below is a peek at some of the interesting articles you could end up writing as a content creator!

Competitions/Event Coordinator

We have three or four competitions planned for the year, a couple in each semester. Our first competition in semester 1 is a Policy Brief Competition, with semester 2 yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, we also have some amazing events lined up for the year such as our Alumni Night, events in Politics Week , and annual Baby Back Benches.

You will work with this year’s wonderful Competition Co-Leads, Lily Paterson and Ryan Choo – whose exec profiles you can check out here! Your role will be to assist our Competitions Leaders by:

  • Researching interesting and topical events to set the issue for the competitions
  • Developing materials as needed
  • Organising certificates for winners
  • Helping on the day with physical competitions

You will also work on our bigger events by assisting our Executive Team by:

  • Getting in touch with potential speakers and MCs
  • Helping organise room/venue booking
  • Organising necessary material, such as printing
  • Organising catering, prizes and audience engagement
  • Liaising with other stakeholders, such as other uni clubs

Delegate applications will be CLOSING at 11:59pm MONDAY 5TH APRIL


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