Meet the PPC Executive for 2021!

Meet the PPC Executive for 2021!



Hi everyone! My name is Heejoo and I’m a fourth-year Law and Arts student, majoring in Politics and Sociology. I joined PPC because I believe in the power of youth engagement in politics. I am especially passionate about women’s rights and fair criminal procedure. In my spare time I like listening to music, going to the gym and thrift shopping. I can’t wait to meet you all and lead an amazing year at PPC with Na-Young!


Kia Ora! I’m Na-Young and am in the process of completing my law and arts degree majoring in criminology and politics. I am super passionate about social development, civics, and the criminal justice system, so would love to have a yarn about those areas anytime! It is incredibly important that as a society we have informed political discussion around the issues that affect us, and I believe the public policy club facilitates some of this! I am incredibly excited to be working alongside Heejoo and the PPC exec in 2021 and hope to see what we can achieve as a team.



Kia ora, I’m Matt! I’m a fifth year Law and Arts student double-majoring in Economics and Politics. I enjoy reading and going on long walks around Auckland. I’ve been a passionate observer of politics and public policy for most of my life, and have been involved with PPC for the majority of its existence. Having previously served as Co-President in 2020 – during a tumultuous (yet important!) time for the Club – I’m stoked to be back this year as Secretary and to be working alongside the Co-Presidents and this year’s excellent team!



Kia Ora, my name is Liam and I am the 2021 Treasurer. I study a BA, majoring in Economics and Politics. I love PPC because of its mission to make policy and politics accessible to young people in a non-partisan space. I believe that creating this kind of space allows for a better standard of kōrero and a deeper understanding of policy topics. In my spare time I like to read non-fiction and sign up for too many clubs; like PPC, EA and ASO.



I’m a first year masters student in public policy, and co-head of content for the 2nd time. In my spare time I’m into the NBA, movies, and anything policy or news. So feel free to talk to me about any of those.

This year I’m really looking forward to working with our team and continuing to push our work into new areas.


Hey team – my name is Nick and I’m in my third year of a Law and Arts conjoint – not exactly unique around these parts! I love the world of politics and am particularly passionate about economic inequalities. When I’m not debating people at the local pub I enjoy spending time with my lil doggo. Hope to send some quality content your way this year!



Hello everyone! My name is Trisna Claney and I am a third year student doing an Arts and Health Sciences conjoint. I am a really firm believer in the power of public policy shaping what health and wellness looks like in Aotearoa. When I have free time, I like watching anime and playing video games, and you will probably see these influences in the media I create!



Hello, I’m Phoebe and I am in the last year of my BA majoring in Politics and Philosophy! The reason I like public policy is that it provides us with a tangible way to have meaningful impact on our environment and the ability to shape the world in a better way. In my spare time I enjoy hanging with pals, reading, and have recently tried learning to skateboard.


I’m Rory, I am a 3rd year commerce studying majoring in Information Systems and Business Analytics. I joined PPC to advocate for public policy education for young people. I believe in taking a non partisan approach and hearing all sides when discussing issues.



Hi, my name is Tarik Hodzic and I am in my last (third) year of my BA in Politics and Criminology. I joined the PPC because it provides an opportunity to reach out to our communities outside of the university walls, specifically in low-decile secondary schools. Outside of Uni life, I enjoy basketball, reading and a good old political discussion.


Hi, my name is Nandini and I am currently in the second year of my commerce degree majoring in Economics and Finance. I joined PPC because I care a lot about young people and I do believe there is a gap between our youth and politics. My role as a high school lead is to work towards closing that gap and advocating for civics education!



I’m Lily, I am currently in my third and final year of Health Science! I am part of PPC because I am interested in how public policy effects all aspects of life, especially how policy works to create better health outcomes in society. I love meeting and working with students from different areas to understand how public policy relates to them and their area of study. My hobbies are gymnastics, tramping and trying new foods!


I’m currently in my third year of a Law and Arts degree, double majoring in Economics and Politics. My key political interests include international relations, economic policy, and electoral issues. Having previously served as a content writer for PPC, I’m very excited to now be a co-leader of this fantastic team, and I hope to expand its activities and reach throughout 2019!

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