Policy Pop-Ups!

Policy Pop-Ups!

In 2017, we set up “Policy Pop-Ups” all around campus in the lead up to the election. Each ‘Pop-Up’ covered a key issue young people care about and had fun, informational activities and documents to help students engage with the issues.

Thanks to the fantastic sponsors of our election initiatives, Spark​ and ANZ​, there were loads of prizes to win at each ‘Pop-Up’!


Pop-Up 1: Tertiary Policy
Check out the ‘Voter Guide’ given to pop-up visitors here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 5.26.07 PM

Our first Pop-Up involved participants spinning our Tertiary Policy Wheel of Fortune and guessing which political party has proposed the policy they landed on. If a participant got 3 policy guesses right in a row, they won a $10 Mexican Cafe voucher. Each participant was then given a voter guide to take home with them. Any passer-by who visited could also enter our draw to win a $50 Prezzy card. The winner for our first Pop-Up was Connor McMahon!




Pop-Up 2: Housing Policy
Check out the ‘Voter Guide’ given to pop-up visitors here.

Our second Pop-Up had a ‘Build to Win’ competition requiring the participant to build a play dough house within the Code of Compliance requirements on the lid. If the participant was able to build the house up to scratch in under 1 min, they won a  Mexican Cafe Voucher. There was also a grand prize of $50 for our visitor’s draw.



Pop-Up 3: Pitch-A-Policy Pop-Up

At our third Pop-Up, we set up a stall at Grafton campus and invited people to spin our wheel. The participant landed on a number that corresponded with a policy topic. The participant has 30 seconds to pitch a policy solution to the problem they landed on. If they answered the problem satisfactorily, they could put their names in the prize draw. They are also given a lolly and a housing policy voter-guide.


Pop-Up 4: Environmental Policy

A our environment Pop-Up, we hosted two competitions. The first competition involved making origami trees where participants won a voucher. The second competition involved guessing when our iceberg would melt. The most accurate guess won the $50 note frozen inside the ice block. Each passerby and participant got a voter guide on each party’s climate change strategy this election. Click here for the voter guide.


Keep your eyes peeled for more Pop Ups in 2018!




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