Applications for the PPC Executive 2018

Applications for the PPC Executive 2018

The Public Policy Club is looking for self-led change makers to be part of our Executive Committee in 2018. Our goal is to inspire and empower exec members to achieve the change they want to see. We want people with passion, a strong work ethic and confidence to get things done. You must have the initiative to drive your own projects and events without the need to be  micro-managed. Given the young nature of the club, there is a lot of flexibility for you to bring your own flair and ideas to the table. If you are enthusiastic about making an impact that matters in the community, apply now!






Exec 2018 Information:

Next year, our exec will consist of 6 teams (each with 2 team leaders), and 3 individual positions.  Applications for team delegates will open in the new year.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 11.05.34 AMTeam leaders liaise with the Co-Presidents, and then delegate tasks to the team delegates. Leaders will guide the delegates and ensure the work is completed to a high standard. Team leaders will also work together internally. Individual exec members will not have delegates, but will liaise with the Co-Presidents and also work internally with team leaders.


Professional Development: This team will focus on career building. This includes organising speaking events with commercial sponsors, and creating other opportunities for students to develop relevant public sector skills (for example, through mentoring programmes, workshops, or other networking events).

Civic Engagement: Following a successful launch in 2017, this team’s activities involve creating a short programme to present to year 13 cohorts in high schools around Auckland that teach students about the voting system and party politics in New Zealand. The civics team will also look at other opportunities within the university to teach people about the democratic process and how government operates.

Graphics: This team is in charge of helping all the other teams make their content/events look great. Graphics jobs cover posters, workshop info templates, Facebook graphics, PEEP (our blog) info graphics etc. It executes the ideas/posters formulated by the SOMA team.

Social/Marketing (SOMA): This team involves thinking about how to best sell PPC and its events/content. The marketing SOMA leader is a job that requires creativity, vision, and a clear understanding of the club. The social limb involves organising social events like pub quizzes, BYOs and even election parties. The social SOMA leader in this team in charge of the social events needs to be accessible and friendly. Although each team leader has a relatively distinct job, each leader will help their SOMA partner if need be. NOTE: Due to the nature of the role, the SOMA team will not have delegates in 2018.

Competitions: This team will organise our formal club competitions. As a minimum, this involves hosting our Policy Brief Competition and our Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) case competition. It may also involve thinking about what future competitions we can host. The team leader needs to be a logistics master and a detailed planner.

Content: This team involves producing regular information on topical policy and condensing it in a short and clear way so that non-politics students understand. This team may look at publishing more in depth publications in the future. The leader ensures that proper English is used, information is presented clearly & simply, and that there is no plagiarism/inaccurate info.



Secretary: The secretary is responsible for overseeing the administration of the club. This involves booking rooms for executive meetings and taking accurate meeting minutes. It also involves the chairing of the end of year Annual General Meeting (AGM), and having a sound knowledge of the Public Policy Club Constitution. An ideal Secretary will be organised, have initiative, and ensure the Co-Presidents aren’t too bogged down with admin throughout the year.

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for monitoring and recording the cash flows of the club between members, the executive committee and external parties. The treasurer collates all transactions into financial reports in an accurate and transparent manner and assists the Co-Presidents in budgeting decisions. Study in finance or accounting would be an advantage, and the successful applicant will have at least basic financial literacy.

Sponsorship Manager (NEW): This is a new role being introduced in 2018. The Sponsorship Manager’s role is divided into two parts: firstly, managing existing sponsor relationships (with partners like Spark, Russell McVeagh, and ANZ), and secondly, actively seeking out new relationships for the Public Policy Club. The role requires an individual who is proactive, confident, self motivated, and willing to persevere. It will involve keeping up consistent communication with sponsors and updating them on how their contributions are being used. The Sponsorship Manager will also work closely with the Co-Presidents scheduling meetings with prospective sponsors, and developing detailed and bespoke sponsorship proposals.



For any concerns about the roles, or further questions, do not hesitate to email us at



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